NEXO P15 ลำโพง Point Source ขนาด 15 นิ้ว

NEXO P15 ลำโพง Point Source เป็นลำโพง Coaxial แบบ 2 ทาง ดอกลำโพงเสียงต่ำขนาด 15 นิ้ว จำนวน 1 ดอก และดอกลำโพงเสียงแหลมขนาด 3 นิ้ว จำนวน 1 ดอก



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NEXO P15 ลำโพง Point Source ขนาด 15 นิ้ว

NEXO P15 ลำโพง Point Source ขนาด 15 นิ้ว


  • Compact, low-profile, curvilinear enclosure
  • 15” LF Neodymium driver and 3” diaphragm HF driver in a coaxial configuration
  • Variable HF directivity
  • Switchable Active/Passive modes
  • 141dB peak SPL (Active Mode)
  • Threaded inserts on the back and on both sides for connection of mounting accessories
  • Stand fitting on both sides
  • 4x NL4, 4 poles connectors; 2 on the back and 1 on both sides
  • Touring, installation and TIS versions

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Frequency Response @-6 dB 57 Hz – 20 kHz
Sensitivity 1W@1m 108 dB SPL Nominal
Peak SPL@1m 139 dB Peak (Passive mode) / 141 dB Peak (Active mode)
Operating Voltage 55 Vrms (180 Vpeak)
HF Dispersion (according to flanges) 60°x60° (Default) – 90°x40° (with 90×40 flange) – 60°~100°x40° (with PS flange)
Crossover Frequency 57 H, 85 Hz, 120Hz
Nominal Impedance Active mode: (8 Ω LF + 8 Ω HF) / Passive mode: 8 Ω
Recommended Power Active: (800 to 1350 W LF + 400 to 630 W HF) / Passive: 800 to 1350 W
Components 1 x Coaxial Neodymium LF 15” 8 Ohms long excursion & HF 3“ 8 Ohms
Number of ways (Touring version) 2 ways passive (2+/2- P15) or 2 ways active (1+/1- LF, 2+/2- HF) switchable
Number of ways (Install version) 2 ways passive
Connectors (Touring version) 4 x NL4, 4 poles connectors (1 per handle + 2 at the back)
Connectors (Install version) 1 x Cable gland with 2 cores cable
Rigging points 1 x universal accessory fit on each side + 1 x on the bottom
Material Custom made bent plywood of baltic birch and poplar
Finish Black or White structural paint
Front Finish (Touring version) Steel front grille + back mesh
Front Finish (Install version) Acoustic fabric fitted front gril
Weight: Net 23 kg
Height x Width x Depth 600mm x 483mm x 352 mm
Operating temperature range 0°C – 40°C
Storage temperature range -20°C – 60°C
System Operation
Recommended powering solution NXAMP4x2mk2 Powered TDcontroller: up to 2 x P15 per channel
Optional powering solution DTDcontroller + DTDAMP4x1.3 : 1 x P15 per channel
NXAMP4x1mk2 Powered TDcontroller (Bridged): up to 2 x P15 per channel
NXAMP4x4mk2 Powered TDcontroller: up to 4 x P15 per channel