NEXO MSUB12 ลำโพงซับเบส ขนาด 12 นิ้ว

NEXO MSUB12 ลำโพงซับเบส ขนาดดอกลำโพง 12 นิ้ว 6 Ohms สร้างจากไม้เบิร์ชบอลติก ตอบสนองความถี่ 45Hz – 150Hz



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NEXO MSUB12 ลำโพงซับเบส ขนาด 12 นิ้ว

NEXO MSUB12 ลำโพงซับเบส ขนาด 12 นิ้ว

Constructed from Baltic birch play, the MSUB 12 sub bass module measures 396mm wide (15.6″) x 433mm high (17″) x 550mm deep (21.7″) and weighs 23kg (51lbs). It employs a single 12″, 6 Ohm, long excursion Neodymium driver in a high-efficiency, band pass cabinet design with a quadratic shaped profiled port.

Slightly wider than the GEO M6 main and bass modules, rigging hardware makes it easy to deploy the MSUB 12 in ground stacks and line arrays of various scales. Amplification and processing are via NEXO’s NXAMP4x1MK2, with a single channel required for each sub.

With a nominal peak SPL of 130dB, the MSUB 12 has available crossover frequencies of 45-85, 45-120, 45-150, 63-120 and 63- 150Hz, extending LF response down to 45Hz.


  • Very high power, arrayable sub that can be stacked or flown, with or without its companion main element the GEO M6
  • Front and rear connectivity for cardioid (front to back) implementation
  • Comprehensive range of versatile, multifunction accessories for deploying the MSUB12 in a wide variety of applications
  • Touring and Installation versions available

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Frequency Response @-6 dB 45 Hz to 150 Hz
Sensitivity 1W@1m 102 dB SPL Nominal
Peak SPL@1m 130 dB
Available Crossover Frequencies 45-85, 45-120, 45-150 Hz / 63-120, 63-150 Hz
Nominal Impedance 6 Ohms
Recommended Power 450 to 700 Watts / 6 Ohms (equivalent to 700 to 1000 Watts / 4 Ohms amplifier
Component 1 x 12” 6 Ohms very long excursion Neodymium driver
Height x Width x Depth 433mm x 396mm x 550mm (17.0” x 15.6” x 21.7”)
Weight: Net 23 kg / 51 lbs
Connectors (Touring) 4 x NL4, 4 poles connectors (1+/1- MSUB12 / 2+/2- Through)
Connectors (Install) 1 x Cable gland with 2 cores cables
Construction Baltic Birch Plywood & textured black or white coating
Fittings 2 x Side handles
Rigging points Rigging compatible with MSUB12 and GEOM6 Bumper (BUMPM6)
Finish Black or White structural paint
Front Finish UV Resistant acoustic fabric fitted Magnelis® front grill
Operating temperature range 0°C – 40 °C
Storage temperature range -20 °C – 60 °C
System Operation
Recommended powering solution NXAMP4x1mk2 Powered TDcontroller: 2 x MSUB12 per channel
Optional powering solution DTDcontroller + DTDAMP4x0.7 : 1 x MSUB12 per channel
DTDcontroller + DTDAMP4x1.3 : 1 x MSUB12 per channel
NXAMP4x2mk2 Powered TDcontroller: 3 x MSUB12 per channel
NXAMP4x4mk2 Powered TDcontroller: 3 x MSUB12 per channel