L-Acoustics KS28 ลำโพงซับวูฟเฟอร์

L-Acoustics KS28 ลำโพงซับวูฟเฟอร์ แบบพาสซีฟพร้อมทรานสดิวเซอร์ 18 ตัว และมีการกระจายเสียงโดยตรง 2 ตัว พร้อมช่องระบายอากาศแบบลามิเนตเพื่อเพิ่มประสิทธิภาพ LF

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L-Acoustics KS28 ลำโพงซับวูฟเฟอร์

L-Acoustics KS28 ลำโพงซับวูฟเฟอร์


L-Acoustics KS28 is a reference subwoofer designed to extend the frequency response of large format systems. The KS28 features two high excursion, 18’’ direct radiating transducers mounted in a bass-reflex tuned enclosure. The L-Vents reduce turbulence and port noise at high levels while also increasing LF efficiency. The KS28 operates from 25 Hz. The excursion capability of the transducer, combined with L-Vents contributes to deliver a high SPL, with low distortion. The KS28 can offer standard or cardioid directivity, by combining physical deployment and the suitable preset. The KS28 is the first L-Acoustics enclosure to fully utilize the LA12X amplified controller power. The LA12X ensures advanced crossover functions, linearization and L-Drive protection of the transducers. Its onboard library offers standard and cardioid presets, each available with two low-pass filters to accommodate various coupling conditions and LF contour requirements.

Passive subwoofer with two high-excursion, direct-radiating 18 in transducers mounted in a bass-reflex tuned enclosure with laminar vents for increased LF efficiency. The enclosure cabinet is constructed of premium grade Baltic beech and birch plywood. The enclosure front is protected by a coated steel grill and an acoustically transparent fabric. The enclosure integrates six ergonomic handles, two stacking runners and matching top tracks for easy enclosure alignment. The Flush-fitting captive hardware allows for rigging and combining with other loudspeakers of the same family. Combining two or more elements with associated presets achieve omnidirectional or cardioid directivity patterns. Exclusively driven and protected by a proprietary amplified controller through a dedicated preset.

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Electroacoustic specs

Flyable subwoofer 2 x 18”
amplified by LA12X

Low frequency limit (-10 dB) 25 Hz ([KS28_100])
Maximum SPL1 143 dB ([KS28_100])
Nominal directivity (-6 dB) Standard or cardioid
Transducers 2 × 18″ neodymium cone drivers
Acoustical load Bass-reflexL-Vents
Nominal impedance 4 Ω

1 Peak level at 1 m under half space conditions using pink noise with crest factor 4 (preset specified in brackets).

Physical specs

Connectors 1 × 4-point speakON
Rigging and handling Flush-fitting 2-point rigging system
ergonomic handles
2 ground runners
8 side runners
Weight (net) 79 kg / 174 lb
Cabinet Premium grade Baltic beech and birch plywood
Front Coated steel grill
acoustically neutral 3D fabric
Rigging components High grade steel
Finish Dark grey brown Pantone 426 C