L-ACOUSTICS A15 Wide ลำโพงไลน์อาร์เรย์ Passive


L-ACOUSTICS A15 Wide ลำโพงไลน์อาร์เรย์ Passive ส่วนหนึ่งของตระกูล A15 มัลติฟังก์ชั่น แบบพาสซีฟขนาด 15″ มอบความยืดหยุ่นในการปรับใช้ที่ยอดเยี่ยม


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L-ACOUSTICS A15 Wide ลำโพงไลน์อาร์เรย์ Passive

L-ACOUSTICS A15 Wide ลำโพงไลน์อาร์เรย์ Passive

A15 Wide is a medium throw loudspeaker designed for production applications. Part of the multifunctionnal A15 family, the passive 15“ enclosure offers exceptional deployment flexibility and simplicity without compromising performance. The 30° enclosure of A15 Wide enables a compact array to provide expansive coverage while preserving sightlines. Panflex allows users to adapt the directivity to the audience geometry and ensure exceptional frequency response stability. Combinations of A15 Wide and A15 Focus can be flown or stacked to form a vertical line source. A15 Wide deploys radially to offer broad horizontal coverage, particularly suited for infill and side-fill applications on large stages. A15 Wide can also be used individually as a configurable directivity point source for delays and pole-mounted applications. A15 Wide provides the low frequency contour of a large concert system and KS21 subwoofer further reinforces the contour and extends the bandwidth to 29 Hz. A15 Wide is a highly scalable solution that delivers concert level performance for small to large events or supplements a larger L-Acoustics solution for the world’s biggest stages.

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Electroacoustic specs

2-way passive constant curvature WST® 30° enclosure
amplified by LA4X / LA8 / LA12X

Usable bandwidth (-10 dB) 42 Hz – 20 kHz ([A15])
Maximum SPL1 141 dB ([A15])
Nominal directivity (-6 dB) Enclosure: 30°
L-Fins: 110° / 70° symmetric , 90° asymmetric
Transducers LF: 1 × 15″ cone drivers
HF: 1 × 3″ diaphragm compression drivers
Acoustical load LF: bass-reflex, L-Vents
HF: DOSC waveguide, Panflex
Nominal impedance 8 Ω

1 Peak level at 1 m under free field conditions using pink noise with crest factor 4 (preset specified in brackets).

Physical specs

Connectors IN: 1 × 4-point speakON
LINK: 1 × 4-point speakON
Rigging and handling Flush-fitting two-point rigging system
1 handle, 8 corner stops and 2 ground runners
Weight (net) 33 kg / 73 lb
Cabinet Premium grade Baltic beech and birch plywood
Front Coated steel grill
Acoustically neutral 3D fabric
Rigging components High grade steel with anti-corrosion coating
Finish Dark grey brown Pantone 426 C