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ดิจิตอลมิกเซอร์ Yamaha TF-Rack Digital Rackmount Mixer

ดิจิตอลมิกเซอร์ Yamaha TF-Rack Digital Rackmount Mixer ดิจิตอลมิดเซอร์แบบติดแร็คมีจอทัชสกรีน ช่องอินพุต 16 Mic Preamps 16 Line Outputs 8 DCA Groups 1-knob Compressor/EQ and DSP Effects 34×34 Recording to Computer via USB 2.0 Optional Tio1608-D I/O Rack



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ดิจิตอลมิกเซอร์ Yamaha TF-Rack Digital Rackmount Mixer

ดิจิตอลมิกเซอร์ Yamaha TF-Rack Digital Rackmount Mixer


  • TouchFlow Operation maximizes workflow efficiency
  • 1-knob compression and EQ dial in your ideal sound
  • GainFinder supports precision gain setup
  • QuickPro presets provide instant access to pro sound setups
  • 2 scene memory banks set up and instantly recall your settings
  • 16 D-Pre mic preamps deliver phenomenal sound
  • Onboard effects based on Yamaha’s SPX processor
  • TF Editor Mac/PC application offers offline editing and online control
  • TF StageMix iPad application provides wireless control
  • TF MonitorMix iOS application allows for wireless personal monitoring
  • Expansion slot for optional NY64-D card (expands up to 64 inputs and 40 outputs)

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Outline TF-RACK
Mixing Capacity Input Channels 40 (32 mono 2 stereo 2 return)
Aux Buses 20 (8 mono 6 stereo)
Stereo Buses 1
Sub Buses 1
Input channel functions 8 DCA Groups
I/O Inputs 16 mic/line (XLR/TRS combo) 1 stereo line (RCA pin)
Outputs 16 (8 XLR 8 TRS phone)
Expansion slots 1 (for NY64-D)
On-board processors DSP 8 Effects 10 GEQ
General specifications TF-RACK
Sampling frequency rate Internal 48 kHz
Signal delay Less than 2.6 ms INPUT to OMNI OUT Fs=48 kHz
Fader Resolution = 10-bit 10 dB to –138 dB –∞ dB all faders
Total harmonic distortion Less than 0.05% 20 Hz–20 kHz @ 4 dBu into 600 Ω INPUT to OMNI OUT Input Gain=Min. (Measured with a –18 dB/octave filter@80 kHz)
Frequency response 0.5 –1.5 dB 20 Hz–20 kHz refer to 4 dBu output @1kHz INPUT to OMNI OUT
Dynamic range 110 dB typ. DA Converter 108 dB typ. INPUT to OMNI OUT Input Gain=Min.
Hum & noise level Equivalent input noise –128 dBu typ. Input Gain=Max. (Measured with an A-Weight filter)
Residual output noise –85 dBu ST master off (Measured with an A-Weight filter)
Crosstalk –100 dB (Measured with a –30 dB/octave filter@22 kHz) adjacent INPUT/OMNI OUT channels Input Gain=Min.
Power requirements 100–240 V 50/60 Hz
Power consumption 85 W
Dimensions W 480 mm (18-7/8 in)
H 132 mm (5-1/4 in)
D 409 mm (16-1/8 in)
Net weight 9.2 kg (20.3lb)
Accessories Quick Guide Power Cord NUENDO LIVE (DAW Software) Rubber stoppers(4)
Options Audio Interface Card (NY-64D) Foot Switch (FC5)
Others Operating temperature range: 0–40 °C Storage temperature range: -20–60 °C

Recording/ Playback

PC/Mac (USB2.0) Recording 34 tracks Playback 34 tracks
USB Storage Device Recording 2 tracks (USB hard drive/ SSD)* Playback 2 tracks (USB hard drive/ SSD/ thumb drive)

*Please note – USB thumb drives are not supported by TF for recording purposes. Please refer for compatible hard drives.

Analog input characteristics

Input Terminals GAIN Load
For Use With
Input Level Connector balanced /
Sensitivity*1 Nominal Max. before clip
INPUT1-16 66dB 7.5KΩ 50-600Ω Mics
or 600Ω Lines
-82dBu (61.6μV) -62dBu (0.616mV) -42dBu (6.16mV) Combo Jack (XLR-3-31 type *2
or TRS phone *3)
-6dB -10dBu (245mV) 10dBu (2.45V) 30dBu (24.5V)
ST IN 10kΩ 600Ω Lines -30dBV (31.6μV) -10dBV (316mV) 10dBV (3.16V) RCA Pin Jack Unbalanced

*1. Sensitivity is the lowest level that will produce an output of 4dBu (1.23V) or the nominal output level when the unit is set to maximum gain. (All faders and level controls are at maximum position.)
*2. 1: GND 2: HOT 3: COLD
*3. Tip: HOT Ring: COLD Sleeve: GND
*4. In these specifications 0dBu = 0.775Vrms.
*5. 48V DC (phantom power) can be supplied to INPUT XLR type connectors via each individual software controlled switch.

Analog output characteristics

Output Terminals Source
For Use With
Output Level Connector balanced /
Nominal Max. before clip
OMNI OUT 1-8 75Ω 600Ω Lines 4dBu (1.23 V) 24dBu (12.3 V) XLR-3-32 type *1 Balanced
OMNI OUT 9-16 TRS Phone Jack *6
PHONES *5 100Ω 40Ω Phones 3mW 75mW Stereo Phone Jack (TRS) *2 Unbalanced

*1. 1: GND 2: HOT 3: COLD
*2. Tip: LEFT Ring: RIGHT Sleeve: GND
*3. In these specifications 0dBu = 0.775Vrms.
*4. All output DA converters are 24bit 128times oversampling.
*5. The position of the level control is lowered by 16dB from the maximum.
*6. Tip: HOT Ring: COLD Sleeve: GND

Digital input/output specifications

Terminals Format Data length Audio Connector
USB (TO HOST) USB 24bit 34ch input / 34ch output PCM USB (B type)
iPad USB Playback: MP3 or WAV file data / Record: WAV file data USB (A type)

Control I/O specifications

Terminals Format Level Connector
NETWORK IEEE802.3 10BASE-T/100Base-TX RJ-45