MIDAS DP48 Personal Monitor Mixer มอนิเตอร์มิกเซอร์

มอนิเตอร์มิกเซอร์ MIDAS DP48 Personal Monitor Mixer เป็นมิกเซอร์มอนิเตอร์ Personal สำหรับงานแสดงสด MIDAS DP48 รองรับสัญญาณอินพุต 48-channel personal monitor mixer 12 stereo groups มีช่องเสียบ SD CARD สำหรับบันทึกเสียง Built-in stereo ambience microphone Compatible with any 44.1/48 kHz รองรับการเชื่อมต่อแบบดิจิตอล AES50-equipped devices including Midas and Behringer digital consoles and I/O boxes

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MIDAS DP48 Personal Monitor Mixer มอนิเตอร์มิกเซอร์

MIDAS DP48 Personal Monitor Mixer มอนิเตอร์มิกเซอร์


  • Dual 48 channel personal monitor mixer compatible with Midas personal monitoring system hubs
  • 12 stereo groups enable rapid creation and balancing of personal mixes from fully configurable stem groups
  • Dual mix feature allows independent control of two complete monitor mixes
  • Integrated SD card interface for stereo recording and playback of rehearsal sessions and performances
  • Built-in stereo ambience microphone provides on-stage sound feed to remove sense of isolation with in-ear monitors
  • Studio-quality reverb adds spatial ambience to personal in-ear mixes independent from main console
  • Remotely powered via direct AES50 connection from Midas hubs featuring Power over Ethernet (PoE)
  • Separate DC power supply allows daisy-chaining of DP48 personal monitor mixers and use without any PoE hub
  • Compatible with any 44.1/48 kHz AES50-equipped devices including Midas and Behringer digital consoles and I/O boxes
  • Midas PRO SERIES and M32 console input channel labelling and colour information transmitted to DP48 personal monitor mixer via AES50 input channels
  • AES50 return channels allow personal mixes to be sent back to the console or hub for connection to wireless IEM transmitters
  • Remote operation up to 100 m via screened CAT5/5e cable
  • Remote setup and control of DP48 personal monitor mixer via Midas hubs
  • Full remote control of another DP48 when both connected to the same hub or used in daisy chain configuration
  • High-contrast 2.4″ colour TFT display screen provides clear overview of mix parameters meters and group assignments
  • Analogue stereo auxiliary input for local click track
  • High power headphone output for use in all stage monitoring environments
  • Fully adjustable limiter allows for safe monitoring levels within sound exposure limits

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Number of Analog Input Channels 2 (1 Stereo)
Number of Analog Output Channels 6
Max I/O Capacity 48 x Input / 48 x Output
Number of Mic Preamps None
Faders None
Mix Routing 12 x Stereo Subgroup
Presets 12 x Scene
Display Main Display:
2.4″ / 6.1 cm LCD
Signal Processing
Input Polarity Fixed
Dynamic Processing Buses:
EQ Input Channels:
3-Band Semi-Parametric
EQ Parameters LF Shelf:
±15 dB at 20 Hz to 22 kHz
MF Peak:
±15 dB at 20 Hz to 22 kHz
HF Shelf:
±15 dB at 20 Hz to 22 kHz
Graphic EQ None
Internal Effects 4 x Reverb
Real Time Analyzer None
Audio Delay None
Automatic Mic Mixing None
Digital Audio
Sample Rates 44.1 / 48 kHz
Bit Depth 24-Bit
Output Level 1/4″ TRS Headphone Output:
12.8 dBu (Max)
I/O Impedance 1/4″ TRS Aux Input:
40 Kilohms (Balanced)
20 Kilohms (Unbalanced)
1/4″ TRS Line Output:
1 Kilohms (Balanced)
500 Ohms (Unbalanced)
1/4″ TRS Headphone Output:
25 Ohms (Unbalanced)
Signal Generator None
Analog Inputs 2 x 1/4″ TRS Balanced/Unbalanced Aux Input (2 Stereo Pair)
Analog Outputs 2 x 1/4″ TRS Balanced/Unbalanced Line Output
2 x 1/4″ TRS Unbalanced Stereo Headphone Output
Digital I/O 1 x etherCON AES50 Input (Control I/O PoE)
1 x etherCON AES50 Thru (Control I/O)
USB None
Expansion Ports None
Wireless Connectivity None
External Display Connection None
Max Multitrack Recording 2 Tracks
Media Support SD SDHC
Max Media Storage Capacity SD: 2 GB
File System Support FAT32
DC Input Power 24 VDC at 600 mA
Power Consumption 14 W (Maximum)