KLARK TEKNIK KT-USB Network Module USB 2.0

KLARK TEKNIK KT-USB Network Module USB 2.0โมดูสำหรับมิกเซอร์ดิจิตอล KT-USB is a network module providing a multichannel bidirectional USB digital audio interface which is compatible with the DN9650 and DN9652 network bridges, as well as the Midas Neutron-NB dual network-bridge expansion module for the Neutron high-performance audio system engine.



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KLARK TEKNIK KT-USB Network Module USB 2.0

KLARK TEKNIK KT-USB Network Module USB 2.0


  • USB 2.0 network module with up to 48 bidirectional channels @ 48 kHz and 24 bidirectional channels @ 96 kHz
  • Compatible with Klark Teknik DN9650 and DN9652 network bridges and Midas Neutron-NB expansion module
  • Simultaneous computer-audio recording and playback
  • LED indication of sample rate
  • Class Compliant for Mac. No drivers required
  • Windows software driver available for download
  • Electrically and mechanically compatible with the industry-standard Cirrus CM-1 forma

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Klark Teknik KT-USB Specs

Minimum Hardware Requirements Windows
Core 2 Duo CPU, 2 GHz
Ethernet Port
Ram: 1 GBMac
1.5 GHz CPU
Ethernet port
RAM: 512 MB
Operating System Requirements Windows
Windows 7 (32- or 64-bit) or laterMac
10.6.8 OS X Snow Leopard or later
Connectors USB 2.0: Type-B connector
Input / Output Channels of Input/Output @ 48 kHz: 48, bidirectional
Channels of Input/Output @ 96 kHz: 24, bidirectional
Sample Rates: 48/96 kHz
Sample Word Length: 24-bit
Clock Synchronization Selectable: DN9650 unit
Latency: Platform / implementation dependent
Cable Length 6.6 to 16.4′ / 2.0 to 5.0 m