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อนาล็อกมิกเซอร์ BEHRINGER XENYX QX1222USB

อนาล็อกมิกเซอร์ BEHRINGER XENYX QX1222USB มิกเซอร์แบบอนาล็อคอินพุต 16 ช่อง 2/2-Bus Mixer with XENYX Mic Preamps & Compressorsมีเอฟเฟคในตัว KLARK TEKNIK Multi-FX Processor Wireless Option and USB/Audio Interface



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อนาล็อกมิกเซอร์ BEHRINGER XENYX QX1222USB

อนาล็อกมิกเซอร์ BEHRINGER XENYX QX1222USB


  • Premium ultra-low noise high headroom mixer
  • 4 state-of-the-art phantom-powered XENYX Mic Preamps comparable to stand-alone boutique preamps
  • 4 studio-grade compressors with super-easy “one-knob” functionality and control LED for professional vocal and instrumental sound
  • Ultra-high quality KLARK TEKNIK FX processor with LCD display dual-parameters Tap function and storable user parameter settings
  • “Wireless-ready” for high-quality BEHRINGER digital wireless system (not included)
  • Built-in stereo USB/Audio Interface to connect directly to your computer. Free audio recording editing and podcasting software plus 150 instrument/effect plug-ins downloadable at
  • Neo-classic “British” 3-band EQs for warm and musical sound
  • 7-band stereo graphic EQ allows precise frequency correction of monitor or main mixes
  • Revolutionary FBQ Feedback Detection System instantly reveals critical frequencies
  • Breathtaking XPQ 3D stereo surround effect for more vitality and enhanced stereo image
  • Voice Canceller function for easy-to-use sing-along applications
  • 4 fully equipped stereo input channels featuring 2 additional mic inputs on channels 5/6 and 7/8 3-band EQ and input trim control
  • Channel inserts on each mono channel for flexible connection of outboard equipment
  • 2 aux sends per channel: 1 pre fader for monitoring 1 post fader (for internal FX and/or as external send); 2 multi-functional stereo aux returns
  • Balanced main mix outputs with gold-plated XLR connectors headphone/control room output and stereo rec outputs
  • Long-wearing 60-mm logarithmic-taper faders and sealed rotary controls
  • Planet Earth switching power supply for maximum flexibility (100 – 240 V~) noise-free audio superior transient response plus low power consumption for energy saving
  • Designed and engineered in Germany

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Total # Of Inputs 16
Input Channels Mono: 4
Stereo: 4
Preamplifier 4x XENYX
USB Connection 2-in/2-out
Buses Mix: 2/2
Phantom Power 48 V
EQ Type Mono channel 3-band
Compressor 4
Wireless (Features) Built-in compatibility with Behringer wireless microphone system
AUX Sends Per channel: 1/1
AUX Returns 2 stereo returns
Metering 12-segment stereo LED meters
Clip LEDs on every channel
Microphone Inputs
Type 6x XLR connector balanced discrete input circuit
Mic Input Noise (E.I.N.) From 20 to 20000 Hz
At 0 Ω source resistance: -134 dB/-136 dB A-weightedAt 50 Ω source resistance: -131 dB/-133 dB A-weightedAt 150 Ω source resistance: -129 dB/-131 dB A-weighted
Frequency Response Preamp:
< 10 to 150000 Hz (-1 dB)
< 10 to 200000 Hz (-3 dB) Mic input to main output:
<10 to 160000 Hz: ± 3 dB
Dynamic Range Not specified by the manufacturer
Gain Range 10 to 60 dB
Maximum Input Level 12 dBu at 10 dB gain
Impedance 2 kΩ balanced
Signal-to-Noise Ratio 107 dB / 110 dB A-weighted (0 dBu In @ 22 dB gain)
Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) 0.005% / 0.004% A-weighted
Phantom Power Switchable 48 V
Line Input
Type 1/4″ TRS connector balanced
Impedance 20 kΩ balanced10 kΩ unbalanced
Gain Range -10 dB to 40 dB
Maximum Input Level 30 dBu
Stereo Input
Type 4x 1/4″ TRS connector unbalanced
Impedance 20 kΩ balanced
10 kΩ unbalanced
Gain Range -20 dB to 20 dB
Maximum Input Level 22 dBu
Tape I/O Type: RCA ConnectorsImpedance: 10 kΩ

Maximum Input Level: 22 dBu

EQ Type 3-Band Semi-Parametric
Low: 80 Hz / ± 15 dB
Mid: 2500 Hz; / ± 15 dB
High: 12500 Hz / ± 15 dB
Type 1/4″ TRS connector unbalanced
Maximum Input Level 22 dBu
AUX Section
AUX Sends Type: 2x 1/4″ TRS connector unbalancedImpedance: 120 Ω

Maximum Output Level: 22 dBu

AUX Returns Type: 2x 1/4″ TRS connector unbalancedImpedance: 20 kΩ balanced 10 kΩ unbalanced

Maximum Input Level: 22 dBu

Main Outputs Type: XLR balancedImpedance: 240 Ω symmetrical 120 Ω unbalanced

Maximum Output Level: 28 dBu

Control Room Outputs Type: 1/4″ TRS connector balancedImpedance: 120 Ω

Maximum Output Level: 22 dBu

Headphone Outputs Type: 1/4″ TRS connector unbalancedImpedance: 25 Ω

Maximum Output Level: 21 dBu at 150 Ω ( 25 dBm)

Stereo Tape Outputs/Type Type: RCA connectorsImpedance: 1 kΩ

Maximum Output Level: 22 dBU

DSP Klark Teknik
Converter: 24-bit Sigma-Delta 64-/128-times oversamplingSampling rate: 40 kHz
Noise Main mix at -∞ with channel fader at -∞: -100 dB / -102 dB A-weightedMain mix at 0 dB with channel fader at -∞: -86 dB / -88 dB A-weighted

Main mix at 0 dB with channel fader at 0 dB: -81 dB / -83 dB A-weighted

USB Audio: Stereo In/OutConnector: Type B

Converter: 16-bit

Sample Rate: 48 kHz

Power Supply
Mains 100 to 240 V 50/60 Hz
Power Consumption 40 W
Fuse T 1.6 A H 250 V
Connection Standard IEC receptacle
Dimensions (W x D x H) 14.6 x 13.3 x 3.5″ (370 x 338 x 90 mm)
Weight 8.4 lb (3.8 kg)
Packaging Info
Package Weight 12.5 lb
Box Dimensions (LxWxH) 18.5 x 16.5 x 6.0″